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The Impression West Lake Show had been closed for upgrading since 8th Nov, 2015.  Thank you for all your attention. We will see you soon in September 2016. 

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Staged entirely upon the lake itself (a stage has been built 3 centimeters below the surface), Impression West Lake is a spectacle of light, music, dance and theatrics. The story is based on a Hangzhou legend (somewhat lost on foreigners, but that does not detract from enjoyment). Using the lake and its surroundings as props, lights and hundreds of actors create a sensational performance. Similar performances are staged in Yangshuo and Lijiang. Hangzhou’s Impression West Lake is certainly not to be missed.
It is a unique outdoor performance on natural settings. Staged on the West Lake, the performance appears vivid and incredibly beautiful. Mixed with the myths and legends of the West Lake, the show leads you to a sweet thousand-year dream. The special concealable auditorium ensures each seat a wonderful place to enjoy the dazzling show. The state-of-the-art sound system is surely to offer a surprising musical enjoyment. Be sure to catch it, the show is a must-see when you come to Hangzhou. Come and enjoy the most amazing and beautiful spectacle you will see in your life.

The director of this show is Mr Zhang Yimou, who was in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. This performance is co-directed by Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. The music is composed by Mr Kitaro and the song is from Ms Zhang Liangyin. Although the whole perfomance is a five-act play, i.e., encounter, fall in love, say goodbye, memory, and impression, in performance there is not necessarily any clear separation between them.

Act one: Encounter 
Act I: A white crane became a young smart guy in the lake while another white crane was coming and evolved into a pretty girl. They fell in love at the first sight and enjoyed everything. However, their love token was an "umbrella", whose pronunciation was the same as "departure" in Chinese.

Act two: Fall in love

Act II: The fish in the West Lake were full of spirit! All the fish played and chasing each other in the lake of love. In the boat, pretty girls and boys in traditional Chinese costumes were singing and dancing freely.

Act three: Say goodbye
Act III: The happy time was not enduring; roar of the drums indicated that the suffering was about to come. All of a sudden, the beautiful girl envolved from crane was dead and the boy was so sad…  Perhaps, where there was love, there was sadness.

Act four: Memory
Act IV: When the heart-broken young man came back to the place where they first met, the pretty girl was not there despite the unchanged surroundings.  Subsequently, the handsome man met other girls but could not forget the girl he loved…

Act five: Impression
Act V: Just like the lake, beautiful and elegant, all the legendary stories were vivid again. Yes, man is mortal, however, the love between the boy and the girl never die, just faded away! What a beautiful impression, what a perfect night!

82 Beishan Road, opposite to Yuefei Temple and Shangri-la Hotel, Hangzhou
Stage is entirely on the Yuehu Lake, which is a natural part of West Lake

Creative Team 
Music: Kitaro
Song: Zhang Liangyin
Director: Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue

Seating Plan


1. All tickets are blocked on 4th April due to private activity.

2. VIP Tickets for show at 19:30 on 5th April have been sold out, however there will be a second show at 21:00 which has tickets all avilable. 

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Ticket Pricing

 Type of the Seats  Published Price  Our Discount Price  Child Price
 Ordinary Seats  USD 45  USD 42  USD 25
 VIP Seats (Row 1,2,3,4,5)  USD 48  USD 45  USD 26
 VIP Seats on the Water-platform  USD 60  USD 57  USD 35
 VIP Seats on Ground Floor of the Boat  USD 77  USD 75  USD 40
 VIP Seats on Upper Floor of the Boat  USD 102  USD 100  USD 50

Child Policy
(a) Child Price, as shown in the table, is for child over 1 meter and under 1.30 meters, seat is available. (b) Child not reaching 1 meter in height is free of charge without a seat. (c) Child over 1.30 meters is deemed as adult and should buy the adult ticket. (d) Please note: Child policy is depending on child's height rather than on child's age.

How to Book the Show Ticket?

1.  Fill in the table "Book Ticket" and press "Book"
2.  Pay by Credit Card or Debit Card (via PayPal Portal)
3.  Get the "Booking Confirmation" email

4.  If the type of tickets you book are all sold out, we will contact you to advise you change the type of the seats or refund the full payment to you

How to Pay?

* Pay by Credit/Debit Card via PayPal 
People holding a credit card or a debit card can pay the show tickets via PayPal. Only USD3.00 service charge will be added to the total amount payable.  This service charge includes mailing cost.

Pay by Telegraphic Transfer in USD (for overseas transfer in USD)
Beneficiary's Account Number: 571905069010201
Beneficiary's Bank Name: China Merchants Bank,H.O.,Shenzhen
Beneficiary's Bank Address: China Merchants Bank Tower, No.7088 Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China
^  Your are responsible to undertake all banking charges (including local & overseas banking fees) for telegraphic transfer.
^  Please leave enough time for the payment to reach our account and email us the scanned bank-in slip for verification.

* Pay via Chinese Domestic Bank in RMB (for people residing in China mainland)
For people currently residing in mainland China, you can choose mainland Chinese bank accounts (in PDF format) to transfer the payment in RMB.  If you cannot read and write Chinese, simply print mainland Chinese bank accounts (in PDF format) and go to your nearest bank and ask bank staff to help you transfer the money. Please do not deduct any bank charge on the payee.

* Pay by Cheque in HKD (for HK Residents only) 
For Hong Kong residents, please deposit the cheque directly to: HSBC 023-122856-838 (Letour International Company Limited) and email the scanned bank-in slip to

* Pay upon Arrival (at our Hangzhou Office)
You may visit our Hangzhou Office to buy the show-ticket-voucher. Our office is open Mon- Fri, 9am-5pm.  Hangzhou Office address: Room 801, Tongfang Fortune Building, 334 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou. (Hangzhou office is in the heart of the downtown area, close to the main shopping street)

How to Get the Ticket?

1. Get show-ticket-voucher by post
Show-ticket-voucher will be sent to your hotel in Hangzhou or your chosen address in mainland China by express mail, once your payment is cleared.
^ For customers choosing pay upon arrival or delivery, show-ticket-voucher will be given to you by our staff.

2. Bring show-ticket-voucher to the show venue & get the entrance ticket

The Impression West Lake Show is performed in the open air.  The entrance ticket will only be released after 6pm every day. Please bring show-ticket-voucher and your passport to the ticket office (by the entrance of the show venue) to change the entrance ticket and enjoy!

3. If for any reason you fail to receive the tickets voucher by post, or you can not provide any postal address, you can show your passport to ticketing office to get your tickets (you must make sure you gave us your right passport information when you make the booking)

Cancellation Policy
1. Cancellation due to Bad Weather, Power Failure, Show Facility Breakdown, and Political Reasons
This show is performed in the open air and the entrance ticket will only be released after 6pm every day. The show may be cancelled in heavy rainy days or under severe weather conditions (eg typhoon, thunderstorm, flood, extreme cold temperature,etc). Power failure, major show facility breakdown, strikes, civial unrest, governmental urgent bookings may also result in cancellation, delay, or interruption of the show bookings or the show performance. cannot accept any liabilities caused by bad weather, power failure, show facility breakdown, or those political reasons.  You may either change the date of the show or get the refund from us.
2. Change & Cancellation Caused by Customer 
a. 48 hours prior to the show: 20% of the tickets price will be charged if you want to change or cancel the booking. However, the refund to your PayPal account will minus our service fee.  b. Within 48 hours before the show: No refund, 100% of the tickets will be charged.

Book Ticket

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Other Request:

* Guest Name = Passport Name
Please give us Passport Name who is to watch the show when filling in "Guest Name" of the "Book Ticket" table. One person's passport name is enough if you book two tickets or more. If you book on others' behalf, please also note it in your request. 

* Passport Number 
Please give us the valid passport number of the person who will attend the show.

* Number of Tickets(Child) = Number of Children over 1 meter and under 1.30 meters
^ If you have two children (90cm & 1.2m), please choose "1" in "Number of Tickets(Child)" .  Child not reaching 1m is free of charge without seat.
^ If you have three children (90cm, 1.2m, 1.4m respectively), please choose "1" in "Number of Tickets(Child)".  The child with 1.40 meters in height should buy adult ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get to the show venue?
Show Venue: 82 Beishan Road, opposite to Yuefei Temple, near Shangri-la Hotel.
Public Bus: K7, K27, K81, K850, Y1, Y3 are all stopping by the show. 
Taxi: Tell the driver to take you to "Yuefei Temple" or "Shangeri-la Hotel". The show venue is at the opposite of the temple and hotel.

2. What should I do if my ticket voucher was lost or stolen?
Please inform us via phone or email immediately. We will inform the operators to annul the show-ticket-voucher. And you can still get the tickets by verifying your passport or ID card.

3. Is there any last minute booking risk?
Yes, if you make a last minute booking and you do not clear your bill 48 hours prior to the show.  Please book the show in advance and leave enough time for us to mail you the voucher.  Usually booking Saturday's or Sunday's show before 11am Friday is safe. is not responsible for the failure of mailing within 48 hours. For urgent bookings, please call us during our office hours for help.  To avoid last minute booking risk, you can visit our Hangzhou Office to pick up the voucher. Our Office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (Office closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays).


(1) Lim says:
Hi Bill,I just want to thank you for allocating such a good seat for my purchase. It was perfect, close to the stage, yet not blocking anyone when we stood up to take photos. I have recommended my friends for this show, and your service, and not to mention this fantastic seat at  VIP Seats on the Water-platform area #2, row 4.

(2) Donna says:
It was the most amazing performance I have ever seen! To see so many performers moving across the water was breath taking. They ran, they danced, they did acrobatics. I feel blessed to have witnessed such a wonderful show. Hangzhou is beautiful. Impression West Lake is a show that you do not want to miss!

(3) Adriana says:
I am just back from a China trip and visited the city of Hangzhou and did see the West Lake night performance ‘Impression’, the most amazing and beautiful spectacle I have seen in my life…is a must for everyone, and the city is very nice.

(4) Rudy says: 
I just saw the Impression Westlake performance, and I too find it breathtaking. The August night was uncomfortably hot and humid, but that didn’t stop me from appreciating the wonderful show.

(5) Elton says:
I just saw the West Lake show early October 2010. A little bit chilly at night, but the show was amazingly beautiful. The music was beautiful. China never disappoints (although you need to get used to the culture).

(6) Angel says:
Breathtaking show. Impressions of the west lake. We sat under the cold April rain during the whole show and that did not stop me from appreciating this wow show.

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