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Hangzhou Best Nightlife

  •  Night Show

Hangzhou is a sleepless city. Hangzhou people have the most hospitality and passion.  This beautiful city has the most amazing night shows you can find on the world.  

Song Dynasty Show:
give me one night,  show you the thousand years history

Impression West Lake Show:  the only urban landscape and real scene performance

  •  West Lake Cruise

West Lake is still the number one destination for Hangzhou tour at night. West Lake at night, you will find it more mysterious and charming. You can have a lake cruise in small wooden boat, or have a free walking along the lake. In West Lake Xintiandi, you can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the warm breeze, sitting by the lake.

  •  Nanshan Road

If you like night life in the bar, Nanshan road must be the most beautiful bar street you have ever been. Just by the south bank of the West Lake, Nanshan Road is lined with all kinds of different style of bars. Night & Day with hot Latin dancing, Huozhiliao with wonderful electronic musicif you dont like beer, choose a quiet coffee bar by the lake to enjoy the night scenery of the lake. 


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