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In Hangzhou: 14 Jul 2024,Sunday 01:04
Hangzhou Restaurant

  Grandmas Kitchen

Though there have been over 20 chain restaurants in Hangzhou, you have to always be ready to wait for your table in Grandmas kitchen restaurants. Grandmas kitchen is very good at cooking local Chinese food of Southeast Chinese style. The budget to eat there is also very reasonable. Recently, some of their chain restaurants are also well decorated to sell high quality banquet. To name some of their most populous dishes, like Chicken in Green Tea Flavor, Grandmas Pork, Scallops in Garlic Sauce , etc.

Budget: From 50RMB/Person
Ju Xian Guo Restaurant

Hotpot is a very special kind of food in China. When you eat with Hotpot, the pot is always cooking with soup, and you put things into the pot to cook by yourself. In Hangzhou, we recommend this hotpot restaurant run by a cook from China Taiwan. The name of the restaurant JUXIANGUO means somewhere gods and spirits like to meet together. You can order a small pot for yourself in this restaurant and cook the slice mutton, slice beef, some seafood, vegetables and Chinese rice cake. Enjoy your DIY food in the hotpot restaurant, you will have an interesting experience.

Budget: From 50RMB/Person

Anxiang Restaurant

A dozen of mushroom circled in the dish. A golden color crab cooked in Curry, pigeon soup with pears those dishes that you may never seen before can be found in Anxiang restaurant. Eating in Anxiang, you are experiencing an elegant style of culinary culture.

Budget: From 80RMB/Person
  Bai Lu Cai Ting (Restaurant)

Referred to Bai Lu Can Ting, almost every local Hangzhounese knows it. You may ask way, ok, lets show you:
Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs: 5RMB
Dongpo Pork: 6RMB
West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour: 25RMB
Vegetables: 5-8RMB
Yanjing Beer: 5RMB
Whats the most important thing is all the dishes are so delicious that you can not help go there again.
Find the best food of value, try Bai Lu Can Ting

Budget: From 15RMB/person

  Hangzhou Haveli Restaurant
Find a indian land by the West Lake, let's have a dinner in Hangzhou Haveli Restaurant. At Haveli, the rich tradition and exotic cuisine which will be kept alive. Each dish here is conjured up with exclusively selected ingredients so you get to know the delightful tradition of food food, good taste and good health.
Indian Dancing Hour: 19:30-20:30 very HOT!  Don't miss it!
Budget: From 100RMB/person


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