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Hangzhou Shopping


  • Hangzhou Tower

    Hangzhou Tower, stands in the center of the city by Wulinmen Square, was the biggest and the most luxury department store in Hangzhou. In 2006, Hangzhou Tower ranked the first for Top 100  department stores in China. Hangzhou Tower is now a symbol of local luxury life.


  • Hangzhou Intime Department Store

    Compared to Hangzhou Tower, young people may like Intime more. You can find all kinds of fashionable clothes, sports instrument, cosmetics, kids’ stuff here. For the shopping break, you can have a cup of coffee in Starbucks on the second floor.


  • Hefang Street
    Hefang Street is a pedestrian street in Ancient Chinese style. Lined with Ancient style constructed , here you can find everything you need as a souvenir for your friends.
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