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Huangshan Two-Day Tour Duration: 2 Day
Price: 155

Highlights: Mt.Huangshan, White Goose Peak, Beginning-to-believe Peak, Bright Summit

Hangzhou Grand Canal Night Cruise Tour Duration: 1 Day

Highlights: Night view of Grand Canal, Wulin Square, Grand Canal Square, Gongcheng Bridge

Impressive Dragon Boat Night Cruise Tour Duration: 1 Day

Highlights: Big dragon boat, Chinese folk band, Hubin Road

Hangzhou Three-Day Tour to Mount Sanqingshan Duration: 3 Day

Highlights: Sanqingshan, Beaty Peak, Longevity Park

Hangzhou One Day XIxi National Wetland Park Tour Duration: 1 Day
Price: from$70

Highlights: Xixi Wetland Park, White wooden houses with dark decorations

West Lake Rowing Boat Cruise Duration: 1 Day


Hangzhou One Day Budget City Trip Duration: 1 Day
Price: From US$25

Highlights: West Lake Cruise, Viewing Fish at flower Pond, Dragon Well Tea Plantation

Transfer Guide Service Duration: 1 Day
Price: From US$ 80

Highlights: Private Transfer Service

Hangzhou One Day Tour Guide Service Duration: 1 Day
Price: 80USD/Day

Highlights: Private Tour Guide

Hangzhou West Lake Luxury One Day Tour Duration: 1 Day

Highlights: Su Causeway, Bai Causeway, Lake Cruise, Xiling Seal - Engravers' Society, West Lake Impression

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