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We Know Hangzhou Better

We know Hangzhou better, the back roads and the famous sights, and want to share them all with you. Hangzhou born and Hangzhou bred, most of our staff and tour guides are LOCAL people. There are so many spectacular places, so many things to see.  Our mission is to show you the beauty of our city by immersing you in the natural splendor and cultural legacies of one of China's ancient capitals. Our guides are informed, knowledgeable and will share with you their love of the city. We can provide you with the most accurate local information.

We are a Legitimate LOCAL Travel Company is operated by Hangzhou Letour International Travel Company which is a legitimate travel company licensed by the government. Our company's head office is located in downtown Hangzhou which means you can see us not only online, but also pop in our office at any working time you prefer.

One-Stop Hangzhou Tour Provider offers more than 56 tour packages in and around Hangzhou and offers almost all accommodation bookings ranging from youth hostels to luxury five star hotels, catering to both the luxury and middle ends of the market.

Best Prices Guaranteed

As a locally owned and operated travel company, we directly book all things from hotels, restaurants, and visit attractions in order to cut our cost and offer our customers tour packages with the most reasonable prices. Thus the best prices for all our services can be guaranteed.

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