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Hangzhou Hiking Tour -- Temple Visiting and North Peak

Tour Code: HT-3
Duration: 1 day
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Hangzhou Hiking Tour  -- Temple Visiting and North Peak

We will pick you up in the morning from your hotel or meet you by the Temple of Soul's Retreat. Our Hiking tour will start from the temple. The entrance of the North Peak is located by the Peak Flying from Afar. There are cluster of Buddhist stone carvings and caves here, among which "A Thread of Sky" is the most famous one. Every day, countless tourists come here to try their luck, hoping to see what Buddhist believers called the auspicious light. Then we will start climbing the highest peak around the West Lake- the North Peak. The North Peak is one of the Twin peaks in the West Lake New Top Ten View "Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds". Although it is the highest peak around the West Lake, actually it is not very high, only 355 meters (1,165 feet). It is not so hard to reach the top of North Peak. The crystal clear streams and overlapping trees along the road give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature. Halls and pavilions have been built on the top of North Peak, where you can also have an overview of West Lake's beautiful scenery.


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Price Inclusions 
  • Entrance Fee to all the tourist attractions listed above
  • Transfers with public traffic tools
  • Service of English speaking tour guide
Price Exclusions 
  • Meals and beverage
  • Gratuity for tour guide
  • Other personal expenses

Our price is not including the entrance fee for Temple of Soul's Retreat. If time and your energy allowed, you can ask our tour guide to add it in your itinerary.

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