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West Lake Rowing Boat Cruise

Tour Code: LCT-4
Duration: 1 day
Tour Price: (detail)
Tour Standard: Deluxe
Tour Highlights:
West Lake Rowing Boat Cruise

Greeting from Boatman Shi

Mr. Shi has been rowing the boat on the West Lake for over ten years. He is always so healthy and happy looking. He said it is the greatest thing in the world to boat on the West Lake every day, since he has the chance to discover all kinds of different beauty of the lake, and meet so many visitors from all over the world.

Have a boat cruise with boatman Shi to enjoy the West Lake!


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Price Inclusions 
  • Entrance Fee to all the tourist attractions listed above
  • Service of English speaking tour guide
Price Exclusions 
  • Meals and other beverage
  • Gratuity for tour guide
  • Other personal expenses
  • Public Transportation for all the transfers will be at your own cost

Rowing Boat available Time:

6:30am-5:00pm every day

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